Libertas Academy - Decidedly Christian, Distinctly Classical
Libertas Academy uses curriculum and resources from a variety of sources that includes but is not limited toVeritas Press, Saxon Math, Stevenson Reading, Bob Jones, and Logos Press, and teacher created units.    
All subjects are presented with a Christian worldview.  As math, history, science, and other subjects are integrated with the truth of the Bible as background, these subjects become related to a make a whole picture or story.  As a result, scriptural truth becomes alive and real to the students.   
Science: We teach students that Biblical Creation is true.  Students learn that God created the universe in perfect order, with fundamental laws, and absolute truths that make the scientific method possible.  Science is taught through lecture, experimentation, observation, and analysis.
Reading:  We use a multi-sensory phonics program for the basic block of reading instruction.  Students are introduced to classical literature and given the tools to recognize good literature.  Reading ability is assessed for proficiency, comprehension, and fluency.  Chapter books and classical novels are read and  teacher directed.   Independent reading and book reports are emphasized in the reading curriculum.
English: Students are introduced to writing instruction using classical literature and curriculum related topics. Writing skills  include clear, effective writing that is grammatically correct, focused, and organized.
History/Geography:  Students learn that God is sovereign and in control of history and its outcome.  Facts, dates, locations, and true-life stories are studied and memorized.  We strive to make history "come alive" for students.
Math:  Students are drilled in the mastery of basic mathematical functions and skills.  Word problems, tables, charting, and memorization are emphasized.
Latin:  Latin is the basis for five western languages and is indispensible for becoming well educated in the liberal arts.  Latin instruction begins in first grade with age appropriate instruction and expectations.  Latin benefits the students in all subjects.
Art:  The fundamentals of drawing and the use of art media are taught, and students are encouraged to create their own art. The Masters are studied in the context that God is the Creator of all beauty and harmony.
Music:  Students sing and sing!   The students are trained to joyfully and skillfully sing.  The singing of hymns, psalms, patriotic, folk songs and  musical programs are a large part of our curriculum.
Physical Education:  Teamwork, cooperation, and sportsmanship are the basis of physical education.  Skills and team sports are practiced in class, and students have the opportunity to practice biblical behavior. 
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