Libertas Academy - Decidedly Christian, Distinctly Classical

Located At:
Grace Episcopal Church
15102 Amberly Dr. Tampa, Florida 33647
Libertas Academy seeks to build a firm foundation of academic excellence with a Christian world view for grades K5 through 6th grade.
Established in 2001, Libertas Academy offers biblically based education that partners with families in equipping students to achieve spiritual maturity and academic excellence by providing a Christ-centered education. We enrich our curriculum with music, art, physical education, field trips, hands-on experiments, and research projects.  
Mission Statement
We believe that every child is born with God’s blessing and approval.  At Libertas Academy we believe that we have a sacred trust to assist each of our families in helping their child to achieve personal excellence in accordance with his or her God-given abilities and talents.
We believe that God is the source of all wisdom and truth and that there is no true education or wisdom apart from Him.  In accordance with this belief, our education is based on the Christian world view and God’s Plan for the Ages as revealed in the Old and New Testaments.
In support of our philosophy, we believe that educating children according to the classical model of the trivium will produce graduates who are not only equipped to be successful, contributing members of our society, but who also understand and obey God’s will.  
We believe that parents have the final responsibility for the education of their children and it is our earnest desire to partner with parents in teaching these precious children that true wisdom and understanding are found in our relationship to God, and from that most important beginning, we can extend our quest for truth to the facts and wonders of the world that God has created. We want to inspire joy and eagerness in our students as we explore the facts and history of all God has given to us in the creation of our world. 
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Member of the Association of Christian and Classical Schools.  Libertas Academy is open students of all races, creeds, and national origin.
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